7 ‘C’s That Create Champions

I’ve been watching some of the Summer Olympics games. I’m always inspired by the performances of the Olympians. Their drive and commitment to excellence… perfection, even… are truly admirable.

Whether you’re an athlete, entrepreneur, employee, executive, homemaker, artist or fall in some other category, if you have dreams and ambitions, the concepts below will help fuel YOUR achievement.

1. Clarity
True champions know their ‘end game’. They are focused and have a deep sense of what they want to do and why. It’s a priority for them. It defines them and they organize their lives around their goal.

2. Competence/Capability
They may have natural skills and abilities. But it’s possible, they may have developed their skills out of a decision to do so. In other words, their skills have been cultivated from years of classes, practice, coaching and hard work.

3. Curiosity
Many of the things I’m good at now are the result of developing an interest and learning everything I could about it. People who excel in certain arenas may have just been curious in the beginning. They wanted to know how things worked. They studied and continue to wonder how to become even better, faster, stronger, more adept…

4. Centeredness
To experience peak performance, one must ignore distractions and stop listening to the naysayers. Can you imagine doing your best with hundreds, thousands, millions of eyes staring at you? Excellence arises from within. Focusing your attention on the quiet part of Self who knows exactly what to do or say and how to do or say it. At some point, you have to shut down outside influences and trust that you know enough and are enough to be excellent.

5. Courageousness
Google defines courageous as ‘not deterred by danger or pain; brave’. I didn’t know Google was in the dictionary business, but I liked the expression they offered. Being undeterred is what allows champions to move forward in the face of outside obstacles and internal insecurities.

6. Confidence
Many people, unfortunately believe confidence is a prerequisite for accomplishment. It’s not. Confidence is what arises generally after a significant, momentous event has ended. It’s often only after overcoming obstacles and confronting internal fears that one feels truly invincible (or at least, prepared) for the big event on the horizon.

Celebrity Doubles – 7 Entertainment Tips for Corporate Events That Double the Fun

7 quick and fun entertainment tips for your corporate event should be straight out of the most effective management folder. Everyone will understand the team building benefit of these innovative ideas featuring celebrity doubles. Perhaps, you might even want to hire more than one.

1 – We know everyone needs a little gratitude.

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, very much.” Expresses your deepest gratitude to the employees who met their marketing goals for the year, when it comes from the lips of an Elvis impersonator. Who could resist those deep cut sideburns, and a little hip action, when Elvis enters the room?

2 – She’s serenading the winners table.

Perhaps your winners table is filled to the brim with over-achievers who would like to fill their dance card with Taylor Swift, or another top of the charts artist on our repertoire? She may not dance to the music, but we’re betting she’ll sing their song. The best part of the event is letting your winners know they’re top-line by providing a fun evening of attention pulling encouragement.

3 – Theme party night at the holiday extravaganza.

Invite attendees to dress up as their favorite star, and bring on the celebrity doubles to ‘call them out’. Could it be? The real STAR stealing their spotlight? Or is it just a celebrity double?

4 – Your gala event and the Queen is on parade?

You can’t imagine royalty? Why not? Your team members arrive in royal style, along with the Queen, seated at the head table, ready to shine on your parade. She’s more than royalty, she’s entertainment for the night.

5 – Turn the house lights down.

In the softer glow of evening, light the birthday candles as a ’50′s theme plays. You’ll wonder for a moment who the blonde spinning in her white dress might be. But soon, you’ll know when her breathy rendition of Happy Birthday comes from somewhere near the stage, and the birthday celebrants at the event are taken back to the exuberant decadence of celebration with a celebrity double.

6 – Crank it up a notch for the moon walker.

Is there a white glove in the house? Need we say more?

7 – Bring on the music and laughter and have some fun.

Perhaps your event needs more than one celebrity double to entertain for the night? The best part about hiring a celebrity double, or two or three, is that you can mix them up to make the night more fun. Maybe some like Michael Jackson style, or perhaps there’s an Elvis fan in the room, maybe you’d be better off with John Wayne stopping by for a visit to talk up an up and coming roundup of your best super star achievers? It’s your night, you pick the stars.

And the best part..

Bonus tip is you don’t have to coordinate a single thing – because it’s all done for you by professional planners and agents who connect the dots for your party, keep the fun flowing at the event, and arrange for all the details.

7 Most Preferred Convention Centers in Southern California

You’d think everyone would know, check Southern California first, when you’re looking for a Hot Spot for the next Corporate Training or Team Building Event. they are, afterall, the worlds greatest location for incredible convention centers, great weather, and entertainment. Everybody knows California is the Entertainment Capital of the World.

I have found a few convention centers that are definitely better than others in the area, and our teams preferred them due to provisions, hospitality, and location.

These are our favorite convention centers:

Bakersfield Marriot Hotel -

Top-notch services, with well-appointed rooms, great food, and the absolute best convention options on the site. Everyone loved the staff and the quality offered at the Bakersfield Marriot Hotel. We all decided it would be at the top of our recommended list.

Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center -

World-class features at no extra cost. This expansive, multi-purpose convention center offered more than we could have dreamed possible and handled all the details for our team. With all modern, up-dated spaces, we were thrilled with the accommodations and details of our convention event. Their staff definitely went above and beyond our expectations.

Monterey Conference Center -

For a real California experience, this would be a good recommendation. Although the event was professional, bordering on corporate extraordinaire, the atmosphere was total Cali-experience. The best part of the whole adventure was the night views of Monterey featuring a full-on cultural experience. We were pleased as California Pelicans.

Riverside Convention Center -

Although their website wasn’t particularly user friendly, we stepped over that little mud-hole and showed up with the entire entourage, counting on the promise of our planner that we’d be AMAZED. Comfortably impressed may have been more the reality, but we were well provided for and the atmosphere was more than cozy and comfortable. Everything happened in a timely manner and our team project was successful there. We do recommend the Riverside Convention Center to others.

San Diego Convention Center -

World-class, urban, up-scale are all terms that come to mind as I think about our event in San Diego. Totally impressed with this location. They offered everything we needed and satisfied our most unexpected requests. We were completely happy with this convention center, and refer others to it often.

San Jose Convention and Cultural Facilities -

Although scheduling our event amid the many events already scheduled was a challenge, this was another favorite location. HUGE venue with plenty of amenities for the four hours we were there, and such a beautiful location. Definitely among our favorite venues.

Pasadena Center -

Guests of another event, we were not privy to the planning process at this center, but we had a wonderful time there as guests. While it’s always exciting to be hosting the event, we found ourselves thoroughly enjoying the event and amenities as guests, as well. We definitely will keep this in mind.

There may be limitations of price and numbers at each of these locations, but the 7 best options for Southern California included these seven locations. If you’re planning to travel for your corporate event, you might as well travel to someplace where the weather cooperates, and people are friendly and welcoming. Set your sites on Southern California and let’s do something exciting.